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  Recruiters Online Network is for recruiters, headhunters, and employment & staffing firms.  We have Job Posting, job broadcasting, job distribution, a job bank, resume search, and splits.
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Job Broadcasting and Job Distribution from Recruiterss Online Network
Resume Search from Recruiters Online Network. 2 Resume Databases and other sources for resumes.
Job Posting from Recruiters Online Network. Unlimited Job posting, job distribution, and job broadcasting.
Recruiting Websites for RON members - Custom profile and link to your jobs.
Work Splits with other Recruiters through Recruiters Online Network
Internet Tools for Recruiters
They're Looking...Can They Find You?
Post Jobs: target the passive candidate. Job posting reaches the passive
  Post Jobs and get better responses. The result is more exposure and better responses.
RON enables you to post all of your open jobs - not just a few.
Unlimited job posting.  
All responses are sent directly back to you (not to our resume database)
Direct responses are more valuable..why share resumes with your clients and competition?
Specific jobs reach specific candidates. Every job you post is an ad for your firm and a magnet for a specific kind of candidate.   so you receive the undiluted benefit of your efforts
Making more placements is what it's all about. and make more placements.
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It's all about finding the right candidate… and the right candidate finding you.




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